Original performance took place at "Bodyflex. Kleidung nicht am Körper bügeln" exhibition in Leipzig, 11.10.2019
Besides the individual there is also the body's own personality to distinguish, marked by life's experience and own ways to move. Physical experiment creates new aestetical or curious forms. In this performance pictures become body and body becomes pictures literally. The audience is free to choose a viewpoint or to "close-up". The performer is isolated and limited by the construction thus that frame creates space for new forms of expression and movement.
Alexandra Tcherkassova:  author 
Valeriia Vava: performer, video cut
Max Blax: prop

Further exploration took place during corona self isolation in March and April 2020 in Markkleeberg and resulted in an online performance on 22.04.2020 and a short film initiated, directed and performed by Valeriia Vava.​​​​​​​
Frames inside other frames - isolation is oppressing the being, but the self in combination with it's potential are keeping their natural right for transformation.

On 24th June the performance was taken to another level and its' tools of expression enabled speaking out social and political issues which concluded in a public 2,5 h performance at Alexanderplatz Berlin. ​​​​​​​
Art director and performer: Valeriia Vava 

"I am Russian. I am not against Russia. I am questioning the legislative system and its' execution by Russian government".